Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Eternal Chance

Ah, mi amores,

Here is the prologue of a book that I am *attempting* to write, along with my BFF! Exciting. This is the first project that I've started that wasn't a short story that I actually feel confident I can finish (there have been short stories pushed aside LOL).

This is the project I referenced earlier. It is about vampires and demons and gods, but down here on Earth. Actually, it takes place mostly in a hospital psychiatric ward. Female patients from the hosptial (all different floors and units) and a girl who is half vampire/half god goes undercover at the hospital because there is a vampire who is working there as a psychiatrist and she believes that he is the one responsible. With the help of a fellow patient, a teenager who can see the deaths of the recently deceased, she embarks on the quest for truth.

I hope that you enjoy immensely, and be generous in feedback!



Darkness, that's all there was, the rest of the world ceased to exist. Not a glimmer of light was let into the room, if that's even what it was. Although it might be plausible that there were not even be windows to let in the light. Was it daylight already, or was the moon still high in the sky? Too many questions, with not nearly enough answers. Dark panic is all that surrounded her, like a velvet coat, wrapped tight like a second skin. Maybe I went blind, she thought to herself. The thought wasn't nearly as comforting as she had hoped. The automatic blinking of her eyes told her she still had that functionality, so it wasn't a problem where she unknowingly still had her eyes closed. Maybe the hospital had lost power, and the generator wasn't working. That would explain why the emergency back up lights hadn't come on. Someone would come in and check on her soon, she just had to sit tight until then.

It was at that moment when she realized that she was indeed in a sitting position, which was strange. Shouldn't she be laying down, if she were in her hospital bed? She reached her hand out, to see if she could feel the edge of the dresser. There was nothing to grab a hold of, no bed rails or dresser. In fact, during her arms length exploration, she felt underneath her, and found that she wasn't even in her bed. Instead her fingertips grazed hard cold stone. It felt gritty and coarse, like concrete or cinder blocks. She was propped in the corner, on the floor; she was able to feel the two walls meeting at her back.

She strained her eyes and ears, hoping for something that would give away her location, but it was just as silent as it was dark. With the walls at her back, she knew she was in some sort of structure. Buildings have doors, which means that there was a way out. She had been surprised that she wasn't bound and had been able to move her hands and arms. She wasn't sure why someone would go to the trouble of taking her from the hospital, and then leave her in a room unties and able to escape.

Upon attempting to stand, she realized that there was a sharp stabbing pain in her head. Did someone hit her over the head? Had she been drugged? Using the wall at her back for support, she slowly slid her body upright. Unfortunately, the new perspective of her prison didn't provide her any more light in which to see.
With the adrenaline coursing through her veins, she pushed away from the wall, propelling herself a few steps forward. Screaming, she stumbled back into her corner, collapsing back on the ground. With tears streaming down her face, she reached towards her feet. Biting her bottom lip, she felt along the sole until her fingers gingerly bumped against a jagged edge. Feeling her way against the protruding object she realized it was small. After taking a deep breath to brace herself, she pinched her fingers together along the smooth surface and pulled the shard of glass away from her skin.

With a cry of victory she threw the glass to the side. Her triumph was short lived however when during further exploration of her feet, she discovered at least a dozen other pieces of glass had been embedded into her feet. They ranged from slivers to large shards. In defeat, she slumped back against the wall, slightly rapping her head on the wall. "Just great," she muttered with a sigh of resignation.

Above her head, she heard a slight crackling noise. Cocking her head to one side, she tried to discern what could be its source. A few seconds later, it became more a loud buzzing. To her, it almost made the room appear to be vibrating. The sound began to pierce her ears and make her want to crawl out of her skin.
As suddenly as the sound had started, it stopped. She was panting, with her hands pressed tight against her ears when she shouted, " What do you want from me?"

She wasn't really expecting an answer when she heard a voice reply, "I want to see how long you can survive."

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  1. I liked it. i found it interesting, grasping, and moving at a good pace, neither too fast or too slow.