Sunday, March 20, 2011

In Need

Mis Amigos,

I need your tremendously brilliant minds to come up with some ingenious plotting! I need some ideas for my story as to what obstacles a young woman would face were she stranded alone in an abandoned church. There are traps set up in order to hurt and maim her, but not to kill her. I already have had her crossing a threshold of glass and encountering acid on the floor and railing of steps.

I need at least two more encounters that she may face. Remember, she is in utter darkness and unable to see anything.


1 comment:

  1. So far most of your things seem like physical pain. A lot of popular writings use things that cause mental or emotional hurt. The fact of being alone in the darkness for such a length of time would be stressful on the mind. Also the traps and all that are maiming her and causing physical pain upon her body may make her wish that death would come as a sweet release. Illusions and all are also popular in those types of scenarios. Although as for physical pain I would say something to do with either extremes in temperature sweltering heat or freezing cold. Something that doesn't necessarily cause showing pain upon her body, but is something hard to endure from the inside of one's body.